Discover Tovenca’s ISO Certified Hanger Labels, a game-changer in the medical world, where efficiency and safety are paramount. Our Hanger Labels serve as a dual-function solution, combining product identification with a robust, tear-resistant hanger for infusion bottles up to 1000ml. The hanger can be easily detached from the label, allowing the bottle to be hung from any rack swiftly and securely.

The ingenious design of our Hanger Labels allows for a seamless transition from label to hanger, ensuring infusion bottles can be swiftly and securely suspended from any rack. Additionally, each label includes a peel-off section for efficient documentation, enhancing patient safety and traceability. All these premium features come at an attractive price point, delivering exceptional value.

For Manufacturers:

– Streamlined compatibility with regular dispensing machinery

– No extra steps required during the production process

– Flexibility in design to cater to a range of vial and bottle sizes

– Opportunity to incorporate further safety features

For Healthcare Professionals and Patients:

– Simplified and quick operation

– Durable and reliable hanging mechanism for infusion bottles

– Eliminates the need for separate suspension devices for infusion bottles

– Single-use design reduces germ transmission risks

– Promotes safe and proficient infusion administration

Choose Tovenca’s ISO Certified Hanger Labels for a comprehensive, cost-effective, and safety-oriented labeling solution.