We would like to inform you that TOVENCA AG was awarded the 1st prize in the category innovations.

From 11 to 13 June 2015, the FINAT European Label Forum was held in Amsterdam.

On the occasion of the most important conference of the label industry, prizes were awarded in five main categories. The technically outstanding solution from TOVENCA was awarded the 1st prize in the sought-after category innovations. A label was created for, and in close collaboration with, the client (the company 1CRYOBIO (http://1cryobio.com/)), which meant overcoming a number of great challenges. On the one hand the materials and adhesive have to withstand temperatures of up to minus 196° over years (long-term lodgement). On the other hand, the form and die-cut demand high-quality craftsmanship in compliance with the smallest possible tolerances.


DSC 1263


We would like to thank the company 1CRYOBIO for their trust and our development team for their admirable commitment. We are proud of the achieved result. Above all, we would like to thank our employee Tobias Imhor who did not let himself be put off by the setbacks and difficulties. We also want to thank our production manager Thomas Bühler who supported all machine tests and optimisations with great professional expertise, imagination and patience. All this during ongoing operations and at high capacity. Great teamwork with a fantastic result.

We are also happy to offer you our services. Our experience of more than 30 years, the legendary Swiss quality and the large capacity for innovation guarantee you the best solution.

More about TOVENCA AG at www.tovenca.com. We look forward to hearing from you.