About us

Topflight International was founded in 1940 in the USA and started as one of the first companies printing and producing self-adhesive labels. The company grew and expanded rapidly. Topflight subsidiaries (Tovenca) were established in Latin America, Europe and Australia. At the same time, Adhesive Research (AR) was founded, which is involved in the development, production and marketing of film material. AR is represented in the United States, Colombia, Europe and Asia, and is a leading supplier of films. Following a number of innovations, these are now used in the healthcare, electronics and automotive industries, and of course in the processing of labels and labelling systems. Conductive Technologies, another subsidiary of Topflight, has been producing electrochemical sensors (diagnostic tools), printed circuits and flexible heating foils since 1979. Further information about the companies can be found on these websites:

Topflight International                               http://www.topflight.com/home/aboutus.htm

Adhesive Research                                     http://www.adhesivesresearch.com/about/

Conductive Technologies                           http://www.conductivetech.com/default.htm

Tovenca AG, Switzerland was established in 1980. In contrast to the other sister companies engaged in label printing, Tovenca AG focused on the pharmaceuticals, medical and life science sectors.  This focus has allowed us on the one hand to design our internal processes and procedures in accordance with our clients’ requirements and on the other hand to adopt and implement all the necessary guidelines and regulations. We follow GMP guidelines, guarantee complete line clearance, produce in a clean room environment and have all the necessary ISO certificates.

We process paper and plastic as well as combinations of these materials, and we provide transparent, opaque or coloured upper materials, finished for both small and large diameters or surfaces and in every possible shape and size. For us, single-, double- or multi-layers are just as standard as producing multi-page labels (booklets). We can incorporate and add luminescence into the material or make it only part-luminescent. We make sure that your variable data is clearly visible and can withstand the likely wear, whether it is applied using a hot-embossing printer, thermal transfer ribbon or laser. Even when it comes to adhesives, we distinguish between fast- and slow-adhesive, adhesive or retentive. You decide whether a part should be detached or peeled off, and we will produce materials that can be removed according to your needs. Grip tabs, detachable flags and security closures are just as standard as thousands of different combinations of tamper-evident packs, destructible film parts, security printing or single-position elements. For obvious reasons, no examples of individual security solutions are shown here. That’s because we respect every single client’s requirements and guarantee them the greatest possible discretion and secrecy.


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